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Fall 2017 Season

Who's ready for another season?!?  We at NDA are ready as we will ever be!  We hope to see all the teams return as well as new teams join so please spread the word!  We made some changes last season and we are open to making more changes to satisfy the members of our league so please feel free to fill us with your suggestions!

Signups: Tuesday August 1st, 7PM at Lafayette Club

Captain's Meeting and Spring 2017 Spring Banquet: Tuesday August 15th, 7PM at The Barn

First Night of Fall 2017: Tuesday August 22nd


Congrats to last years A Red Season AND Playoff Champions: Stacey Jane's Beers N Bulls!

Congrats to last year A White Season AND Playoff Champions: Carousel Smells Like Bulls Hit!

  • Matches start @7pm please don't be late.
  • Everyone is expected to practice good sportsmanship.
  • Match results must be filled out completely or a point will be deducted for each missing item.
  • Match results must be submitted via text, facebook, or email by the home team.
  • Match results not received by the following Wednesday Night are late and you will be deducted a point.
  • Any games played by un-rostered players will be forfeited.
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