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Fall 2015 Playoffs

Second Round of playoffs:  First to twelve played over two weeks.  Teams listed with (option) can choose home or away the first week.

There I was (Option) vs Millies Tavern Untouchables
Local Bull Bangers (Option) vs Beer View Mirrors
Full of Bulls (Option) vs Blind Squirrels
Drunk'n Whalers (Option) vs Wingers

Our Mission: To promote good sportsmanship among dart league members for a fun and friendly night out for all!

August 25th is the start of the Fall 2015 season.  Remember these important things;

  • Matches start @7pm please don't be late.
  • Everyone is expected to practice good sportsmanship.
  • Match results must be filled out completely or a point will be deducted for each missing item.
  • Match results must be mailed in or delivered to the box by the home team.
  • Match results not postmarked by the following Wednesday are late.
  • Any games played by un-rostered players will be forfeited.
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