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“Roster Turn In July 26th”

Northeast Dart is a non-profit organization that has been around for approximately 30 years! A
lot has transpired in that time and we have evolved into a small, local league that appreciates
our sponsors and players for being supportive of a local dart organization. We promote
sportsmanship, a fun night out and try to keep our teams in a manageable geographic area.

That being said, it has come to our attention that many of our Captains have been called
regarding the formation of a new local league. Competition and democracy is the American
way, but it takes a lot to run a league and accommodate all the special requirements that
sponsors and individuals need. We try to be understanding and extremely flexible.
Additionally, we cater to (the majority of our players) that enjoy a recreational night out. We
have seen it all over the last 30 years - new leagues, money leagues, extreme dart throwers.
We at one time were ADO certified, but overall interest was minimal at best. So we went back
to basics.

I am asking that you continue to support our league and we are open for change. We will
listen to anything that makes sense to the overall benefit of both our players and sponsors!
Additionally, we would like to add up to four new members to the Board. That would allow a
diversity that some do not think we presently offer. This will be my last year as President of
Northeast Dart for I have many personal and charitable obligations. I agree that it is time for a
change and I want to transition to a progressive capable future Board.

My thanks to all the friends I have made over all these years and I will continue to play. (Not as
well as I once did!)

Dennis Cameron


Fall 2016 Dates

Roster turn in: July 26th, 7PM at the Lafayette Club

Capt: Meeting & Banquet: Aug 16th, 7PM at The Barn

First Night: Aug 23rd

  • Matches start @7pm please don't be late.
  • Everyone is expected to practice good sportsmanship.
  • Match results must be filled out completely or a point will be deducted for each missing item.
  • Match results must be mailed in or delivered to the box by the home team.
  • Match results not postmarked by the following Wednesday are late.
  • Any games played by un-rostered players will be forfeited.
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